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don't come Cryin written by Larry Glass featured on the Sam Malone Show

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VIDEO: Larry Glass Band

Get our cd: Onward through the fog.

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About Us

   Larry Glass Guitar/Vocals, Kay Ginsburg Vocals, Max Heffler Piano/Vocals, Doug Burtchaell Guitar/Vocals

Brief history:

2005 Larry starts band called RhythmZone with Noe Martinez.

2006 Janet Williams joins. Band is Easy Listening vocal group with accompanying Guitar, Sax and Bass.

2009 Jon Ingram joins. Add more Country and Rock music.

2010 record cd titled: Houston, Blue Skies and You. Two songs, written by Jon and Larry:  Sooner or Later and don't come Cryin "chart" on Reverbnation.

Noe leaves band. Change name of Band to Rustic Moon

2011 Rodney Merwin joins. Rodney brings influences from Rock, Jazz and Americana to the band's Country/Rock sound.

2013 Janet leaves and Kay Ginsburg joins the band.

2014 Jon leaves.

2015 Band name changed to Larry Glass Band

2021 Rodney leaves.

2021 Kay and Larry continue as Duo.  In April Max Heffler joins as piano/keyboardist

2023 Doug Burtchaell begins playing with band, adding Guitar and vocals

We would love to entertain you. We're available as duo, trio, quartet or larger.

Perfect for listening or dancing. Always volume appropriate.

See Calendar and Testimonials.    

Larry and Kay

For more information


Larry 832 453 3579

Fun on stage

Larry Glass

  Kay,  Max,  Larry                       LarryGlassBand         832 453 3579

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   Max                 Doug               Kay             Larry                
LarryGlassBand          832 453 3579

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